Alpha version of LinqtoCRM released

I’ve uploaded an initial version of LinqtoCRM to CodePlex. It’s a proof-of-concept more than anything else, but it will handle some non-trivial queries (like joins). The goal of the project is to abstract away CRM’s (necessarily) clunky web service interface and unleash the amazing application platform underneath. While I’ve worked with Linq as part of my thesis for the last couple of months, I managed to throw this code together over the weekend. If you have good examples and a bit of compiler-knowledge, creating your own queryprovider is not overly hard.

First Post

Welcome to my blog!

After several false starts, I think I will now have enough material to post regularly. The posts will probably concern mainly LINQ (the subject of my master thesis), Dynamics CRM(which I work with daily) and C#/.Net/Web-tech in general — for the near future at least.

While Hemingway’s prose will consistently make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, that is — in fact — not the reason I chose the hemingway reloaded wp-theme. I just happen to think it’s aesthetically pleasing. I’ve made a few minor mods, including removing the credits in the lover left corner. Instead I’ll credit the creators here: Thank you startup365 and Kyle Neath for a beautiful theme. If I find the time, I may mod it some more. I’m thinking …CGA!

The blog is hosted at ITU, it’s free, has an agreeable LAMP-stack and plenty of bandwidth (not that I’ll need it).
If you want to know more about me, check the about page.

UPDATE, 04-08-2007: Google Code Prettify is now syntax highlighting code in posts.