First Post

Welcome to my blog!

After several false starts, I think I will now have enough material to post regularly. The posts will probably concern mainly LINQ (the subject of my master thesis), Dynamics CRM(which I work with daily) and C#/.Net/Web-tech in general — for the near future at least.

While Hemingway’s prose will consistently make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, that is — in fact — not the reason I chose the hemingway reloaded wp-theme. I just happen to think it’s aesthetically pleasing. I’ve made a few minor mods, including removing the credits in the lover left corner. Instead I’ll credit the creators here: Thank you startup365 and Kyle Neath for a beautiful theme. If I find the time, I may mod it some more. I’m thinking …CGA!

The blog is hosted at ITU, it’s free, has an agreeable LAMP-stack and plenty of bandwidth (not that I’ll need it).
If you want to know more about me, check the about page.

UPDATE, 04-08-2007: Google Code Prettify is now syntax highlighting code in posts.

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