Heroku .NET buildpack now with nginx

Another weekend, and another bunch of updates to the .NET buildpack. Most significantly, ASP.NET apps now run with  fastcgi-mono-server fronted by an nginx instance in each dyno. This replaces the previous setup which used the XSP development web server. Using nginx is supposedly more production ready.

Other changes include setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable and priming the Mono certificate store. This will make apps that use RestSharp, or otherwise exposes Mono’s reliance on native zlib, work out of the box. It also makes calling HTTPS web services form Heroku not fail.

These improvements came about because people tested their .NET apps on Heroku. Please do the same so that we can weed out as many bugs as possible. If you want to contribute, feel free to check out the TODO-list in the README on the GitHub.


Andrés G. Aragoneses on

Hey Michael, good work!

I think you’re missing a word, or have a typo, in this sentence (because I can’t parse it): “These improvements came about because tested their .NET apps on Heroku.” Can you fix it?

Also, can you tell the version of mono-fastcgi used for this?


admin on

@Andres thanks, I’ve fixed the typo. It’s running XSP/mono-fastcgi 3.0.11 right now, but I think I might have built from this repo: https://github.com/mono-soc-2013/xsp


Daniel @ Hosted Status Page on

Thanks for letting us know about the LD_LIBRARY_PATH change it’ll save me some time.


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