LinqtoCRM obsoleted

Shan McArthur put up a notice that the latest version (4.0.12) of the Microsoft CRM SDK includes Linq querying support. The CRM Team have a couple of blog posts describing the new features. I haven’t tested the new SDK, but I definitely recommend you try it out before using LinqtoCRM and I’ve put a notice to that effect on the LinqtoCRM front page.

It’s a little bit sad that LinqtoCRM probably won’t be used much anymore, but I also think it’s great that Microsoft is now providing what looks to be a solid Linq implementation for Dynamics CRM (especially considering the fact that we haven’t released new versions for more than a year).

Anyway, thanks to everyone who have contributed (esp. Mel Gerats and Petteri Räty) and to all the people who have used LinqtoCRM over the years! Now go get the new SDK and write some queries.


Josh Anderson on

LINQtoCRM has been solid. There realy has been no need for a new version, you guys did such a great job. I thank you so much for the energy you put in to it. Over the past couple of years or so, you have saved me hours of time writing less code.


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