Randoom on the move

Right – after a few years on ITU servers, I’ve moved my blog to a separate domain hosted by Netplads. This was mostly for SEO reasons, so that I could build Google Juice on my own and not have my page rank muddled with whatever ITU does. The new host also allows .htaccess modifications so that I can get nice URLs. Netplads is a cheap and cheerful Danish hoster – the only fault I’ve found so far is a lack of mod_gzip support.

The blog theme has been modified quite a bit, but is still based on the venerable depo-clean theme by Derek Powazek. It has been cleaned up some more and now supports tags (as opposed to just categories). The theme relies on Smart Archives Reloaded to build the archives and features a ShareThis button. If you want, you can download my version of the theme.

On my old blog, the Redirection plugin does 301 redirects to the one you’re currently reading (doing rewrites in .htaccess would have been easier but was unsupported). In fact, it’s so good at it that I can no longer access my old blog in any way. Good riddance.

The other plugins enabled are:

… and with that, I’m off to Hong Kong.

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